Excellence Awards


The Organization of Philippine Soldiers with Outstanding Leadership, Dedication, Integrity Excellence and Responsibility to Society (TOPSOLDIERS) is an association of all members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who have been recognized under the Metrobank Foundation – Rotary Club of Makati Metro Search for The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers (TOPS).

TOPSOLDIERS seeks a dynamic organization of outstanding soldiers who are committed to promoting a culture of professionalism, excellence and social responsibility within the Armed Forces of the Philippines and among key sectors of Philippine society.

Individually, members of the TOPSOLDIERS envision to grow as disciplined, focused and committed individuals responsive to the needs of the nation and concern for the consequences of our actions. We are optimistic and fully cognizant of our role in meeting the challenges of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and in our communities. TOPSOLDIERS seek to excel by constantly seeking self improvement and professional advancement. We have the right relationships with God and our family.

TOPSOLDIERS also commit themselves to live morally upright lives and genuinely serve the Filipino people, to promote a culture of excellence and transformation among ourselves and in our institution, to promote organizational and management excellence in institutions in the communities where we serve and to undertake meaningful social, economic and civic projects.