Excellence Awards

The Outstanding Workers of the Republic (TOWER)

The TOWER (The Outstanding Workers of the Republic) Awards was founded in 1975 by the Rotary Club of Manila that aims to recognize the contribution of skilled workers to economic development. The program seeks to uplift the Filipino workers’ morale and social status leading to greater prestige at the workplace.

The project was suspended for ten years (1986-1996) but was revived in 1996 as a response to the need of revitalizing excellence and productivity in the workplace. Since its revival, the Rotary Club of Manila and the Metrobank Foundation have worked together in recognizing work excellence, productivity, and innovation that can spell the difference towards decent work and harmony at the workplace to preserve jobs and to enhance employment opportunities.

For 2012 Search, Rotary Club of Manila and Metrobank Foundation partnered with People Management Association of the Philippines in bringing out the best blue collar workers of the country.   

For more information about the TOWER Awards, please call 898-8757 and look for Mr. Hero Hernandez or Mr. Third Salang.