Metrobank Group reaps eight Anvils

The Metrobank Group of Companies took home a total of eight (8) Anvils in the recent 47th Anvil Awards by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) held last February 24, 2012 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City. Metrobank, Metrobank Foundation (MBFI), Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH), and affiliate Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation received a total of four (4) Anvil Awards of Excellence and four (4) Anvil Awards of Merits.

Dubbed as the Oscars of the public relations industry in the Philippines, the Anvil is given to outstanding public relations programs and tools that reflect and promote public interest, good values, and genuine service to the community and society.

MBFI was awarded with an Anvil Award of Excellence for the 2011 Metrobank Math Challenge (MMC)—a nationwide competition that serves as a venue to hone and showcase the math skills of Filipino students in an atmosphere of friendly competition while teaching them the values of hard work, discipline and team spirit. Another program awarded with an Anvil Award of Merit is the 2011 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE) Art Explo Lecture and Traveling Exhibit, cited for its role in increasing awareness and promoting appreciation on the role of arts in Philippine society among targeted audience and institutions - arts and design students, teachers and diplomats. Also awarded with an Anvil Award of Merit is the Metrobank and Metrobank Foundation 2010 Unified Annual Reports that effectively imparted a story of strategic philanthropy with programs igniting inspiration for others to become socially involved in the community at the same time showcasing the Bank’s notable performance in the industry. MDH, on the other hand, took home an Anvil Award of Excellence for their program “’Going Green’: MDH’s Journey to Inspiring a Green Work Environment” aimed at empowering employees and staff to become green advocates, cultivating a green culture within the Hospital thereby contributing to environmental conservation and protection. Another Anvil Award of Excellence was bestowed for the program entitled “Inspiring Excellence in Pursuit of Quality: MDH’s Journey towards a Culture of Excellence” aimed at promoting a culture of excellence in the Hospital through internal recognition, continual improvement research, national and international accreditations, and maximizing internal communications, being integral in the promotion of quality healthcare service delivery. In addition an Anvil Award of Merit was given to the program “’Ngiting Maganda Dulot ay Saya’” which provided venues for better oral health and access among public school children through collaborative efforts and partnerships with other external institutions. MDH is the only hospital awarded in rosters of Anvil winners since 2010.

Meanwhile, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, an affiliate of the Metrobank Group, also won an Anvil Award of Excellence for its Toyota Sure Advantage Campaign and an Anvil Award of Merit for 2011 Search for the Most Outstanding Leaders and Team Members (MOLT).

“We are grateful for our programs that have been recognized, a testament to our commitment of valuing excellence in everything we do, “said MBFI and MDH President Aniceto Sobrepeña. “To be awarded with an Anvil means you are doing an outstanding work that promotes community service and benefits your employees which serves as an inspiration for us to continue to do good for our stakeholders,” he continued.

MBFI, as the corporate social responsibility arm of the Metrobank Group has been winning Anvil awards since 1985. To date, it has won 27 Anvil awards for its various programs and public relations tools, including the much coveted Grand Anvil gaining the record as the first corporate foundation to win a back-to-back Grand Anvil (2009 and 2010) in the history of the Anvil Awards.