A History of Sharing

Paving the Way for the Future

As the Metropolitan Bank and Trust company continues to blaze new trails in the banking industry, the Metrobank Foundation will endeavor to match such pioneering efforts. It shall institutionalize its professed mission of hewing closely to its core values as an organization. It shall deepen its existing programs by constant monitoring and impact assessment. It shall broaden the networks and partnerships. Of particular priority is the establishment of strategic alliances with other companies and subsidiaries of the Metrobank Group.

Even as Metrobank expands its global presence, the Foundation will likewise begin to forge links with other corporate foundations in the Asia-Pacific region for sharing of best practices. In carrying out these objectives, prudent management of financial resources, relevant skills upgrading, and use of appropriate levels of information technology will be the main areas of management focus.

Through the Foundation, the Metrobank Group shall, in the years to come, be able to express its commitment to leading the way in the promotion of a holistic human development grounded in a culture of excellence.