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Journalism Lectures and Media training in Legazpi City by the Metrobank and Probe Media Foundation

The 2015 Metrobank Foundation Journalists of the Year and 2016 Fellows in Journalism Howie Severino (3rd from left), Marites Vitug (4th from left), and Nancy Carvajal (5th from left) received plaques of recognition from representatives of Bicol University after the lecture held at the school.

The Metrobank Foundation, Inc., (MBFI) in partnership with Probe Media Foundation, Inc. (PMFI), conducted a back-to-back lecture and media training session under its Fellowship in Journalism program on August 4 and 5, 2016 in Legazpi City.

The lecture entitled 8th Metrobank Foundation Lecture Series in Journalism was held at the Amphitheater of the Bicol University. The main speakers of the lecture were the 2015 Metrobank Foundation Journalists of the Year (JOY) awardees and 2016 Fellows in Journalism Nancy Carvajal, senior reporter, formerly with the Philippine Daily Inquirer; Howie Severino, Vice President and Anchor of GMA Network; and Marites Vitug, Editor-at-Large of Rappler.

Carvajal, Severino and Vitug shared their knowledge and experiences with journalism and mass communication students from the Bicol University. Their lectures focused on how their works have contributed to positive social change, and on how they practiced their respective careers in influencing and developing the public towards constructive growth.

On the other hand, the Fellowship in Journalism reached out to journalists, media practitioners and public information officers in the 6th Metrobank Foundation Media Training Series entitled “Journalism and Numbers: Making Stories that Matter,” held at the Ninong’s Hotel in Legazpi City. Journalist Tess Bacalla, who is also the Training Director of the Philippine Press Institute and Lecturer at the De La Salle University, conducted a session on “Journalism and Numbers: Telling Better Stories With Data.” She discussed the need to understand numbers and be able to interpret and analyze data to be used meaningfully in media reportage. The second session, “Making Stories that Matter and Safety in Reportage,” was facilitated by 2015 JOY Awardee Nancy Carvajal. It focused on how powerful stories can contribute to positive change, but also on the need to stay alive to tell the story another day.

“We are pleased that, in addition to the generous grant and recognition to the Journalists of the Year awardees, one unique component is the lecture series, which provides us an insight into their work as practicing journalists,” said broadcast journalist and PMFI president Cheche L. Lazaro. “One thing that the public does not see beyond the glamour and fame of journalists is the hard work that actually goes into crafting a story. Story-telling is at the core of our profession and today, we take pride in presenting the stories, challenges and lessons learned that Howie, Marites, and Nancy have to share with us,”

Both the lecture series and media training are free of charge to attendees. The events, which are part of a series that will be brought to various areas in the Philippines, aim to advance the knowledge of practicing and aspiring journalists and uplift the journalism profession.

“We are determined and committed to raising the bar of excellence in the practice of journalism in the country. Journalists are beacons of hope. They can inspire the public to actively participate more in the democratic processes through their work. They are the nation’s eyes, ears, and conscience. You cast a light in the darkness and show a way by telling the story honorably and fearlessly,” said MBFI president Aniceto M. Sobrepeña.

The lecture and media training in Legazpi City is the second of the series for 2016, with the first one held at Cebu City last June 7 and 8. Succeeding sessions of lecture and training will be in Zamboanga City on August 25 and 26; Ateneo de Manila University on September 12, Cavite State University on September 29; and Ilocos Norte on October 20 and 21. The complete schedule and updates will be shared on the Facebook page @MetrobankFoundationJOY and on the websites and

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