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2020 Metrobank Scholar-Graduates Profiles


GTFI YES – Drilon Scholarship Program
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

“I am honored to be one of the recipients of the GTFI Youth for Excellence and Service (YES) – Drilon scholarship program. As payback, I look forward to helping as many underprivileged children in the future. I want to share what I have for those who are in need.”

For Arielle, receiving the GT-YES Drilon scholarship has greatly reduced the financial burden of her family. It gave her parents peace of mind knowing that their daughter can pursue her academic dreams and become a successful accountant.

Attending college has been a life-changing experience for Arielle. She experienced difficulty in maintaining some of her grades but this does not stop her from becoming a better student. She made sure not to waste the priceless opportunity given to her by the foundation.

The present pandemic also has proven a huge blow to the family’s expenses. Her mom, who works at a gasoline station, is the only one with a job in the family, her equally diligent father, a tricycle driver, was left with no source of income as ban on public transportation has not yet been lifted. She tries to help by doing household chores and taking care of her younger sibling.

Arielle is only one of the three recipients of the MBFI and GTFI Youth for Excellence and Service (YES)-Drilon scholarship program this year. With her college degree, the future remains optimistic for her. Arielle is looking forward putting up a food business for her parents and commits to helping underprivileged children in the future as a way of paying it forward.

GTFI-MTC YES–Drilon Scholarship Program
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

“I would like to pursue my dream to become a certified public accountant and a financial advisor to aspire career growth and be able to help people in achieving their financial security.”

Cathy considers her scholarship grant as one of the greatest blessings that enabled her to pursue her dream course, which is Accountancy. Her family had a rough time supporting her college education because of her father’s untimely illness that prevented him from coming back to work as a seaman. Her mother, who works in their barangay has not enough income to support their daily expenses. This time of the pandemic, they only relied on her father’s monthly pension and cash allowance from the local government unit.

Throughout her stay in school, Cathy did her best to embrace the responsibilities of being a scholar. She managed to juggle maintaining good grades and being active in all her extracurricular activities. She was a consistent President’s Circle Awardee for six semesters and also received recognition as the top 2 in the overall ranking during her fourth year in the Accountancy program.

Now that she has graduated, her main plan is to focus on her review for the 2021 CPA licensure exam. Moreover, Cathy looks forward to using her expertise in pursuing her advocacy in raising awareness about breast cancer since she underwent a medical examination last year to have herself checked. She also wants to be involved in any related volunteer activities that cater to those persons-with-special needs.

GTFI-MTC YES – Drilon Scholarship Program
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management

“I want to become a good role model and an inspirational coach to the younger ones and motivate them in reaching their dreams in life.”

Growing up alongside with two other siblings, JC knew his mother, a teacher, would be facing difficulty to support all of their studies simultaneously. This led him to apply for the GTFI-MTC Youth for Excellence and Service (YES) scholarship program.

During his undergraduate studies, the stress of school work has taken its toll on JC. The anxiety has been a stumbling block for him to traverse the ins and outs of his collegiate life. But he did not let this stop him from achieving his dreams. He is most proud of being selected as one of the student leaders present at 6th ARC Young Leaders Camp (ARCYLC) in 2017. The scholarship grant motivated him to excel in his studies as well in extra-curricular activities.

JC believes in the importance of seeking personal growth while at the same time being of service to others. He likes to watch documentaries about public speaking. He trains students for declamation and oratorical contests as his part-time job, and at times, dances to pass time. JC sees himself in the future becoming a motivational speaker who inspires young people.

GTFI-MTC YES–Calixto Scholarship Program
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

“Aside from becoming a successful CPA in the future, I would want to share my knowledge in Mathematics to elementary and high school students who struggle in this subject as an act of paying it forward.”

Shawn is fully determined to fulfill his dream of supporting his family and becoming a successful CPA someday. That is why in 2015, he decided to apply for a full grant and eventually got accepted for the GTFI-MTC YES Calixto Scholarship Program.

Shawn has persevered through trials and tribulations to graduate and being a scholar was instrumental in his goal to become a consistent dean’s lister, top accountancy student, Math quiz bee champion, and a chess champion. Shawn is currently doing self-review for the 2021 CPA licensure board exam and plans to work immediately to help his family financially.

The past months have been the most challenging for Shawn and his family because of the pandemic. His father, who works as a taxi driver, cannot provide enough earnings due to some restrictions while his brother was laid-off from work given that some businesses were impacted by the pandemic. Their only source of income now is through his sister who works for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Given this situation, Shawn believes that everything in this world happens for a reason and that God has bigger plans.

As he benefitted from the generosity of others, he intends to pay it forward by sharing his knowledge in Mathematics to elementary and high school students who struggle with the subject.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Cum Laude

“After graduation, I plan to expand my knowledge to the world of programming but given these rough times, it is hard to share resources which I barely have. That is why the best way I can pay forward my blessings is to share the knowledge and information resources that my benefactor has enabled me to gain with their support.”

Quality tertiary education is a prospect that is often associated with high expenses. For Val, this is the topmost reason he deems the scholarship as a blessing as it eased the worry of his family and enabled him to pursue Architecture in one of the country’s premier academic institutions.

This Cagayan de Oro-born scholar has learned to be independent as he had to live far from his family, with his siblings residing in different provinces and him moving to Manila for his undergraduate degree. The youngest out of five, he knew that this was the sacrifice they all had to make to chase after their individual dreams. Despite the distance, they remain a tightknit family.

During this pandemic, Val prioritizes a good mindset and would often turns to calisthenics to destress. What kept him motivated to finish his thesis during these unusual times was his family. He did not want all efforts and toil throughout his years in the university to end up in vain.
This future architect is also interested in programming. He hopes that years from now, he can explore the possibility of integrating programming in architecture, and give back to those in need in his own simple ways.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Cum Laude

“It is my dream to be an architect since I was in 3rd-year high school and UP was also my dream university. Now that I graduated, I am grateful that I am getting closer fulfilling my dreams. I always try to give my best in anything that I do so that I won’t have any regrets at the end.”

Marian has been running on a full plate in her five-year stay at UP. While maintaining a consistent academic distinction, she also held student council positions in her last two years as an Architecture student. And so even when the pandemic happened, Marian had no problem keeping herself busy at home by working out, attending webinars and getting back with her long lost interests in watercolor painting and sewing.

Career-wise, she is now seeking employment to fulfill her required two-year apprenticeship before taking the licensure examination. And as if these are not full as it gets, the newly scholar-graduate is now pursuing a Juris Doctor degree under the UP Law School’s evening program. Marian believes that aside from being an architect, practicing law “is one of the best ways to give service to the country.”

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Cum Laude

“I am grateful for the assistance provided by my benefactors in my studies which has aided me and my family. The scholarship has also opened numerous opportunities for me and has certainly helped me grow as a student and as a person.”

Becoming an architect is an aspiration that took hold early for Riel. With his mom being an Architecture graduate, perhaps it is no wonder that she inspired him to pursue the same path. This is why Riel is grateful for the scholarship opportunity as it opened plenty of doors for him not only to chase after a lifelong dream but also to financially aid his family.

Riel is also passionate about arts. This is evident in his hobbies—creating artworks which range from origami, sketches, and paintings to digital art—and the advocacies he supports.

Riel embodies the definition of a scholar in many ways. As a Iskolar ng Bayan, he believes that showing his love for the country takes various forms—his is through architecture. He advocates for heritage conservation to preserve the country’s cultural identity and tangible heritage.

With his dream within reach, he seeks to channel his efforts into promoting greener infrastructures and construction processes, as well as cultivating spaces for the less privileged members of society. Riel’s plans for the future include finding an architectural firm that will support his internship for the board exams. He is also set to pursue a master’s degree and a PhD in the near future.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Cum Laude

“I want to be a successful architect in the future and be able to serve the country and make sure to pay-it-forward to those who are in need”

CJ, being the extrovert he is, sees himself as a “person for others.” Despite personal setbacks and his family’s financial struggles, he has been actively spending his time engaging in the family’s online business, commissioning paintings for additional income and encouraging his parents and two sisters to lead a healthy workout routine. And for this, his family has become close more than ever.
Amid all these challenges, and for the fact that he had to finish his undergraduate thesis at home, CJ still thinks other people cannot enjoy the same privileges he currently has, especially in this pandemic. As a recipient of the scholarship, he is more than inspired to excel as a future architect and most importantly to pay-it-forward the gift of education he has received to the less fortunate.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Cum Laude

“Three to five years from now, I see myself becoming a successful architect and investor. I would also like to join non-profit organizations focusing on helping children who are in need.”

Alyssa relates her life well to the saying “everything happens for a reason.” For her, there are realizations and learnings tied with every experience. After discovering that her mother had saved funds that can only support her first year in the university, Alyssa gained more appreciation of her scholarship. Without it, it was almost impossible for her to receive a college education.

Aside from completing her thesis, one notable accomplishment for Alyssa was improving herself socially. More than academic achievements, she has learned to value her experiences and the people she has shared them with. For her, these encounters built her strength and wisdom.

Outside academics, Alyssa engages herself in sports and marathon events, especially those which are held to support an advocacy. She also invests her time in reading books for self-improvement. To cope up during this pandemic, she strategized to earn an income by selling snacks in the community.

For her family’s and dream’s sake, she is determined to work her way up and become a successful architect someday. As her way of giving back the generosity she has received from others, Alyssa looks forward to participate in charitable works that support children in far-flung provinces.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Cum Laude

“This scholarship grant serves as a reminder of God’s unconditional love for me and I would not want to waste any opportunity that will come along the way. I want to become successful in the field of Architecture and give back to those who are in need.”

The scholarship served more than just a financial support for Karen’s college education; it motivated her to excel in academics and reminded her that God works miracles in her life.

Despite the day to day adversities she has experienced in the university and this current pandemic, Karen remains optimistic and strong in pursuing her dreams to become a licensed architect—a role which she believes suits her abilities and enhances her leadership skills.

Named as a Junior Architect, Karen held the role of president in one of their college’s organizations. Having experienced physical and emotional stress, she learned that fulfillment is not always about victorious endings, but understanding the values of trust, teamwork, and hard work as well.

To cope up with the present situation, Karen makes herself productive by studying about architecture business and improving her passion in writing through a personal blog. In the future, Karen hopes to join an architecture firm where she can gain substantial experience and earn a stable income. After which, she wishes to give back to communities by building houses for the poor.

MBFI-PACIFIC PAINT (BOYSEN) PHILIPPINES Scholarship Program Scholarship Program
Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Cum Laude

“My dream is to become successful in the field of Architecture and be able to give a comfortable life to my family while inspiring others through my artworks and writings.”

Janezzy Ann, who goes by the nickname Zyan, credits the scholarship opportunity that was granted to her as instrumental to not only aiding her family, but helping her gain a new perspective of the world around her.

During times of struggle and uncertainties, Zyan turns to art and draws strength from her family and the Creator. This soon-to-be-architect’s creative streak is revealed in her hobbies. She likes to read philosophy books, and has always dreamt of producing paintings and poems.

She shared that one of the mantras that helps her get through the day is, “strength is the ability to maintain a hold of oneself,” which is from a book on philosophy. This has served her well in the face of the pandemic as her family strives to stay afloat despite the distance and financial dilemma.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

“I feel blessed that through the MBFI-Boysen scholarship, I was able to finish Architecture. For me, it is God who made it possible. Now that I’m a graduate, I am eager to be able to give back to the community and work towards my purpose for our country.”

Raised by a single parent, life’s circumstances were no easy for Cedrick. Instead of feeling discouraged, he used life’s hurdles as driving force to become a better person and to find his purpose in life. Academics is tough, but Cedrick thinks otherwise—as long as you stay diligent and commit yourself to it. True to this belief, his thesis was recognized as one of the best in his class.

Outside the classroom, Cedrick was a member of their college’s official student publication. Since his third year in college, he is an active teacher-volunteer in a non-profit organization that supports less fortunate children. For Cedrick, these experiences are essential in his journey of becoming an architect—a career to support his family and a ministry to serve the country.

Besides joining an architecture firm, Cedrick also plans to work in a property development office. He also wants to pursue a master’s degree in Urban Planning to help him fulfill his vision of addressing some of the country’s urban land issues like waste management and mass transportation.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

“I had to go through a lot of hardships to be able to graduate. I could haven’t done it without this scholarship and the support of my mother. Now that I finished school, my next goal is to look for a stable job and help my family financially.”

Even at a young age, Antoinette’s character has been tested by life’s battles. Raised by a single mother with no stable income, she knew that the scholarship was her last ball through college.

With her family to inspire her, Antoinette exceeded discouragements. After their family was evicted from their home when the pandemic hit, she suffered academically and psychologically. During this challenging time, Antoinette accepts commission works for acrylic painting and sketching. More than the financial earnings to support her family, sketching has helped her overcome mental stress. Despite these painful conditions, she did not lose heart and remained resilient; she persevered until she accomplished her goal of earning a degree in Architecture.

In all these experiences, Antoinette has learned to never doubt herself and keep a strong faith even when life turns out of her favor. Antoinette dreams of starting her own architecture firm someday. Truly grateful for the scholarship grant, she wants to participate in charitable activities and support the medical needs of her sister.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

“I have always dreamt of leaving an impact on other people’s lives and hopefully after I become an architect, I would want to pursue my other dream of becoming a lawyer. I want to help people and change their lives through architecture and law.”

The pandemic has shaken how Dascha imagined her remaining weeks as an Architecture student at UST. While she considers drafting plates in her classes hard, serving as her batch’s representative to the University’s administration while working on her thesis all done at home are the most challenging tasks she has yet to manage.

Amid all these, considering the opportunity to become a MBFI-Boysen scholar, too, Dascha did her best to come through. While finishing her undergraduate degree is a result of hard work, she believes that the support she got from her family and friends sealed the deal. In the future, she hopes to become a source of inspiration to others as an architect-lawyer—professions which she believes can change peoples’ lives for the good.

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