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Fellowship in Public Service Conversations and Conferment Ceremony of Dr. Dimalanta and Lt.Col. Baldomar Message

Fellowship in Public Service Conversations and Conferment Ceremony of Dr. Dimalanta and Lt.Col. Baldomar Message

President, Metrobank Foundation, Inc.

Metrobank Foundation Fellowship in Public Service Conversations and Conferment Ceremony of Dr. Carla Dimalanta and Lt.Col. John Paul Daldomar
October 13, 2020
Zoom and Facebook Live

Good morning!

It is with much pleasure that i welcome you all to the very first Metrobank Foundation Fellowship in Public Service Conversations.

Prior to the pandemic, Metrobank Foundation conducts a convocation to confer on our Outstanding Filipino awardees the title “Fellows in Public Service”. Thereafter, they deliver their lectures where they share their best practices and pursue their advocacies.

In light of the new normal, we are proceeding with our tradition with a slightly different format and we have called this online event the “FPS Conversations”.

We convene today at a most propitious time. Three days ago, celebrities and policitians made a call to save the planet during the countdown Global Launch 2020. There is a growing movement which aims at mobilizing and unifying people to address squarely the climate crisis.

In yesterday’s newsfeeds, we read about the statement of environment secretary Roy Cimatu that a “climate emergency” may be declared by the administration to require a whole-nation approach in addressing the negative impact of climate change on the environment and the economy.

We’re here today to talk about disaster management. Calamities are not new to the Philippines but when disasters happen unpexpectedly, it can be overwhelming. Besides natural cataclysms, the country has had our share of man-made catastrophies. While some of these are unavoidable, measures can be taken to manage the impact and mitigate the adverse effects upon the affected population.

We have two resource persons today. One of them, Dr. Carla Dimalanta, will help us appreciate the critical role of exploring geophysics and understand what lies beneath the earth’s surface. She will share the importance and use of geophysical methods in the assessment of geohazards for disaster management.

Our other speaker is Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Baldomar from the Philippine Army. He will share with us the important role of the military during humanitarian emergencies.

What we aim to do is raise the awareness of techological advancment, as well as share knowledge acquired from years of experience and study, which contribute to the prevention and reduction of detrimental effects of disasters and calamities. We also hope to better appreciate the efforts for an efficient and timely delivery of humanitarian assistance to affected communities.

Our activity this morning brings the program of the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos to a whole new platform. It was part of a vision two years ago to harness the wealth of experience and expertise of our awardees to benefit society at large. Their lives and accomplishments also serve to inspire others to replicate or even surpass these outstanding achievements.

We believe that achievements resulting in positive change and innovations that address major social concerns should be highlighted and shared widely. That is why the Metrobank Foundation decided to provide an avenue for these stories to be heard, in the hope that others will be inspired and seek to replicate or even surpass these outstanding achievements.

Today, we are likewise pleased to confer on our distinguished awardees the title of “Fellows in Public Service”.

This Fellowship in Public Service accords both honor and responsibility upon the conferee. It is an honor that provides opportunities to extend leadership and widen their influence in their respective sectors. It is also as much a responsibility, as they are continuously challenged to pursue more meaningful contributions to society.

To date, the program has successfully impemented 13 joint and individual lectures and two (2) roundtable discussions and gathered 2,027 participants composed of teachers, professors, students, soldiers, police officers local chief executives, key government officials from various parts of the country.

While the on-going Covid-19 pandemic shifted our direction to crisis response mode since March of this year, Metrobank Foundation has made the necessary adjustments. We are now ready to continue the Metrobank Foundation Fellowship in Public Service by utilizing various digital platforms in order to reach out to a wider audience than originally conceived.

We hope to encourage dialogue across sectors and bring innovations, initiatives, and advocacies of exemplary individuals to further develop future policies, strategies, systems and curriculum.

Thank you Dr. Carla Dimalanta and Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Baldomar for your dedication to service beyond excellence.

Congratulations and mabuhay! and to all of you who are with us today, thank you for being part of this inaugural “FPS Conversatons”.

2020 National Teachers' Day Celebration Message

2020 National Teachers' Day Celebration Message

President, Metrobank Foundation, Inc.
Co-chairperson, NTM Coordinating Council

2020 National Teachers’ Day
October 10, 2020
DepEd Region 1 – Zoom and Facebook Live

Governor Francisco Emmanuel R. Ortega III;
Mayor Alfredo Pablo R. Ortega;
Department of Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones;
Regional Director Tolentino G. Aquino;
Our distinguished DepEd undersecretaries and regional directors;
Our esteemed partners from the NTM Coordinating Council;
And to our dear teachers from DepEd, CHED, TESDA and private schools;

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

Today is the culmination of the month-long celebration honoring the Filipino teachers: National Teachers’ Day! In the twelve years that we have been celebrating National Teachers’ Day, this is the first time we do it online. Yet we are elated to be part of this festive tribute to all teachers who have dedicated their lives in nurturing young minds and contributing to national development. To the thousands of teachers watching, I would like to greet you all a happy Teachers’ Day.

The global effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed affected all of us in many ways. Now more than ever, it is our belief that the culture of appreciating and celebrating the contributions of Filipino teachers to national development and the nobility of the teaching profession in the new normal should continue.

In 2008, the National Teachers’ Month began with the simple idea of saying “Thank You” to teachers who made a significant impact in our lives. We wanted to recognize Filipino teachers and educators, and your contribution in shaping the country’s future through the “My Teacher, My Hero” campaign. In 2011, the NTM movement gained momentum with the Presidential Proclamation 242 which formally declared “the period from September 5 to October 5 of every year as National Teachers’ Month.” 2016 was a particularly significant year because Republic Act no. 10743 was signed, declaring “October 5 of every year as National Teacher’s Day.”

Together with the Department of Education and various multi-sectoral groups, our vision has always been to engage the nation by bringing out Teacher’s Day festivities from schools into the public sphere. We want to celebrate our teachers for your dedication and hard work much like the way we honor our parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This year, we take on the theme “I teach for a better future,” putting a spotlight on the significant role of teachers as the nation navigates a new norm brought by the pandemic.

Engaging a cross section of society brought a variety of creative ways to express gratitude for our educators. The NTM Coordinating Council has themed these expressions of the Four A’s of Gratitude. The first “A” is Appreciation, the simple act of saying “Thank you, teacher.” Our teachers do extraordinary work for which we want them to feel valued. For this year, greetings from our associates have been video-graphed. Our partners have prepared discounts and treats and organized various online contests. Office-based celebrations with employee tributes have been organized as well. The second “A” is Approval, an acknowledgement of the best practices in the teaching profession. Various organizations have continued their search for outstanding and remarkable teachers. The third “A” is Admiration, giving praise to teachers whom we hold in high regard. Our partners have social media campaigns featuring, among others, our teachers who are involved in contributing to the shift to blended learning in this new normal.

Our last “A” is Attention. Here we call on everyone to take heed of our teachers’ concern and needs and aim to help them in the important work they do. Our colleagues have conducted and continuously organize different webinars on a wide range of topics to equip teachers for their online teaching journey. There are workshops for managing virtual classes, financial literacy, and more importantly, seminars on mental health awareness. Through this Four A’s of Gratitude framework, we are able to expand our reach and deepen our partners’ engagement and involvement.

In behalf of the NTM Coordinating Council, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to Secretary Liling Briones and our friends in DepEd for your commitment in promoting the welfare of our teachers. To our participating partners, thank you for believing in our advocacy. Your support and contributions sustain the NTM movement. This pandemic has been challenging for many of us but I am grateful that it did not stop you from appreciating and celebrating the heroism of our Filipino teachers. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the City of San Fernando and Region I for hosting the 2020 National Teachers’ Day celebrations.

To our dear teachers, thank you for your hard work and dedication in nurturing our learners, and your valuable service to the nation. You are the inspiration and life of this advocacy and month-long celebration. We would like you to know that your impact on your learners and the nation is immeasurable. We hope you continue to be beacons of hope and inspiration especially during these trying times. Maraming maraming salamat po, aming mahal na mga guro. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Happy Teachers’ Day, everyone!

MBFI-SPMC-ADDU Virtual MOA Signing Ceremony Message - SPMC

MBFI-SPMC-ADDU Virtual MOA Signing Ceremony Message - SPMC

Officer-in-Charge, Medical Center Chief II
Southern Philippines Medical Center

Virtual Signing Ceremony for the Molecular Biology Facility
October 1, 2020
Zoom and Facebook Live

To Mr Aniceto Sobrepena, President of Metrobank Foundation Inc., Fr Joel Tabora, SJ, AdDU President, to my SPMC family Atty Oscar Mata, Chief administrator, Mr Eric Nillas SPMC Budget Officer, to all those presents here in this room, the Engineering Section of AdDU and the media people, good morning.

As you all know, SPMC is the biggest tertiary-level health institution in the country. We cater to the needs of the patients not only in Davao City, but throughout Mindanao. With the mission fueled by our shared commitment to ensure that Filipino people including indigenous people are at the best of health.

More importantly, SPMC has also been tagged as a COVID hospital by Mayor Sara Duterte. In this time of pandemic, we are usually confronted with questions such as “How prepared are we?” or “Is our public health response adequate?” or Will we be able to survive this pandemic with scarce resources?” And one of the many factors that helped us, the SPMC community answer these questions is our Molecular Laboratory. We have existing Molecular Laboratory but with the increasing cases we are receiving, our laboratory is definitely not enough. In addition to that, President Rodrigo Duterte issued Presidential Proclamation 1021 extending the State of Calamity in the country until September 12, 2021 and furtheremore, Mayor Sara Duterte issued Executive Order No. 53 declaring the Mandatory COVID-19 RT-PCR testing of all patients in the hospital. Unfortunately, our Molecular Laboratory can only process 600-¬¬¬800 Rt-PCR per day. This shows that there are times wherein we cannot meet the needs of the region. Because we don’t only cater Davao city but Region XI as well.

What really is the role of Molecular Laboratories in this time of pandemic? Laboratories are considered “investments” because they do not only process COVID-19 tests/samples but also other medical tests such as tuberculosis, human immunodeficiency virus, dengue, among others. Furthermore, Molecular Laboratories are focused on rapid diagnosis for patient care, and in a pandemic, for effective infection control and possible allocation of limited resources. With Coronavirus disease, the preferred testing method is the real-time reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) test. RT-PCR procedure ensures the test to be more specific and accurate. And there can be no argument that accurate and timely data are crucial for making public health decisions in the first hours and days of an emerging pandemic. This is why having a Molecular Laboratory is vital in facilitating the rapid and accurate diagnosis and monitoring of COVID-19 infections and in assisting in the control of this outbreak.

At this point I would like to take this opportunity to thank Metrobank for donating the Molecular Laboratory Building to be constructed very soon. During this turbulent and uncertain time, we are very humbled by the outpouring compassion and generosity of your company to our institution. Your donation is really of great help especially in this time of pandemic. Your donation will surely aid in routine detection, public health surveillance and as well as aid in our ongoing expansion and growing ability of SPMC to cater our patients’ needs region-wide. Hence, it will always be our honor to be your beneficiary and rest assured, we will do our very best to help in the accreditation of the licensing and in providing competent and compassionate staff to manpower the laboratory.

Let me also have this opportunity to thank Father Tabora and the Ateneo community. While Metrobank will be funding the Molecular Laboratory, Ateneo will be doing the legwork of the infrastructure. In fact, I was very pleased to know that Ateneo will be the one in charge for the construction of the Molecular Laboratory. I have always heard good feedbacks about the quality of workmanship Ateneo construction brings as well as how professional and detailed oriented they are. Last but not the least, I would also like to thank USEC. Leopoldo Vega for initiating and conceptualizing this idea and for communicating with Metrobank. All of this would not be possible if it weren’t for your great intelligence and vision. Thank you for being our Mastermind USEC Vega. And thank you for always being our backbone ever since the start of this pandemic.

As evident as it is, the emergence of this infectious disease has the great potential to have a destructive impact in the public health worldwide but let us always remember that we shouldn’t get overwhelmed with the crisis we are facing right now. Instead, let us continue to cooperate with one another and utilize appropriately the resources given to us so we can provide clients with excellent, sustainable and accessible health care services delivered in a timely manner to curtail and eliminate the threat of this pandemic. In fact, we are also pleased to know that the City Government is opening a Molecular Laboratory at Davao international Airport in which we are also helping/assisting in the licensing of its laboratory.

Once again, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of our partners for making all of this possible and for helping us obtain the most important tool in controlling this outbreak. The steadfast support we receive from you, our partners, has lifted our spirits and sustained our strength. We, the SPMC community thank you for helping us meet the challenges of this moment. I pray for everybody’s safety. Thank you and may the Almighty bless us more.

MBFI-SPMC-ADDU Virtual MOA Signing Ceremony Message - AdDU

MBFI-SPMC-ADDU Virtual MOA Signing Ceremony Message - AdDU

University President
Community Center of the First Companions, Ateneo de Davao University

Dr. Leopoldo Vega, Usec., Department of Health
Dr. Beverly Ho, department of Health
Mr. Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepeña, President, MBFI
Dr. Ricardo Audan, Director, Southern Philippines Medical Foundation

Ladies and Gentlemen:

ADDU is a Jesuit University.

So when I was asked by Dr. Marife Yap whether we would want to help out in this project, I was rather puzzled.

If Metrobank Foundation Inc. or its affiliated George Ty Foundation, wanted to make a donation to the SPMC, why was Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU) being asked to play a mediating role?

When the circumstances were explained to me, that it would speed up the realization of the urgent project for the government institution, Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), and I had had a chance to ask my people under the direction of EVP Jeremy “Bong” Eliab whether we could do this, I readily agreed.

First, when philanthropic organizations like the Metrobank Foundation Inc. (MBFI ) want to do good, and to do good so generously, why should they not be helped?

Secondly, when the beneficiary organization is the SPMC, how can one not cooperate? I was first exposed to SPMC when it took care of the victims of the terrorist bombing on Roxas Blvd. I visited some of our injured students who were being treated there. Then, I was already pleasantly surprised by the high quality service of the hospital. On another occasion, I was introduced more intimately to the operation of SPMC by its former director, Dr. Leopoldo Vega. At that time, I was concerned about the father of one of our security guards. He had a very bad infection in his foot and needed care. It was enlightening for me to experience how he was cared for at SPMC: with great respect, professionalism and thoroughness. After the necessary operation was performed, our patient was even provided the antibiotics he would need to recover after the operation. To my surprise, he did not have to spend any personal cash for his treatment. After that, I was happy whenever there was any way we could be of assistance to SPMC.

In the project we are gathered today to support, when I understood that the purpose of the negative-pressured molecular laboratory that MBFI was donating to SPMC was to to enable it to conduct RT-PCR tests, the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction tests, to test more numerously and accurately for the corona virus during this current pandemic, I felt ADDU was truly privileged to offered a part to play in this worthy project. Since February, all of us in Davao have been grateful to SPMC and its heroic frontliners, now led by Dr. Ricardo Audan, for caring for all those from our region afflicted with the deadly virus. We were happy to assist in whatever way we could: by generating high-strength alcohol in our chemistry laboratory, by sending over food for the frontliners, by providing lodging for some of the frontliners. Now that this job of constructing the molecular laboratory was being offered us, we feel privileged to be allowed to accept it.

So I am here to commit our services to the project, in gratitude to the MBFI for its admirable philanthrophy, in gratitude to SPMC for its general care of our poor, but for its heroic care for the victims of the corona virus. May God continue to bless SPMC for is medical services; may God grant the MBFI his hundredfold; and may he guide and protect us in His service.

First Session On Learning Various MMC Questions With Expert (S.O.L.V.E) Message

First Session On Learning Various MMC Questions With Expert (S.O.L.V.E) Message

President, Metrobank Foundation, Inc.

First Session On Learning Various MMC Questions with Expert (SOLVE)
September 12, 2020
Zoom and Facebook Live

Hello! Good afternoon to everyone! Welcome to our very first Session on Learning Various MMC Questions with Experts or SOLVE; a series of webinar that tackles problem solving techniques from a range of topics in Mathematics from Grades 1 to 10.

This year has been more challenging with the onset of the COVID19 Pandemic which caused many changes in our society. In this uncertain environment, we acknowledge and reiterate the importance of education.

In support to DepEd’s call to ensure that learning will continue, MMC and Metrobank Foundation, Inc. launched the “MMC [email protected]” campaign which aims to provide supplementary content in Mathematics. We have partnered with Vibal Group Inc. to bring SOLVE online. We hope that this series and the rest of our MMC [email protected] activities will support our learners and educators alike in learning and honing their Math skills even if there is no competition this School Year. Together with our partners in MMC, we are one with you as we navigate learning in this new normal.

Before I end, let me thank the members of the MMC Technical Panel who accepted our invitation to be our resource speakers for this series. Let me also thank our partner, Vibal Group led by Chief Executive Officer Ms. Kristine Mandigma and to our learners, parents and educators from different parts of the country, thank you for joining us today and good afternoon!

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