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Eligibility Requirements

For a nominee to be considered, the following eligibility requirements must be satisfied, viz:

1. Tenure / Years in Service. Interested teachers, soldiers, and police officers must have rendered a minimum of ten (10) years of service with at least a ‘Very Satisfactory’ performance rating in the last 10 years. They must be holding a permanent status or appointment and should not have been on leave for more than two (2) years immediately prior to nomination.

2. Character Record. All interested applicants must have exhibited good moral character and must not have been adjudged guilty or liable in any civil, criminal, or administrative case.

3. Position and Rank

3.1 Teachers

  • Kindergarten, elementary, secondary, or alternative learning system mobile teachers (ALS) with FULL teaching load
  • Teachers carrying administrative positions, including district ALS coordinators with minimum of six (6) hours teaching load per week
  • Higher education and graduate school teachers

3.2 Soldiers

  • Commissioned Officers: Captain to Colonel
  • Enlisted Personnel: Corporal to Chief Master Sergeant

3.3 Police Officers

  • Police Senior Commissioned Officers: Police Lieutenant Colonel to Police Colonel
  • Police Field Grade Commissioned Officers: Police Lieutenant to Police Major
  • Police Non-Commissioned Officers: Police Corporal to Police Executive Master Sergeant

4. Educational Attainment

4.1 Teachers.

  • For Basic Education (K-12) teachers, the nominee must have completed the academic requirements for Master’s degree. For higher education and graduate school teachers, the nominee must have a Doctorate degree, a medical degree (MD), a juris doctor (JD) degree, a dental medicine degree (DMD), or the like.

4.2 Soldiers.

  • Commissioned officers must be holders of a bachelor’s degree, while enlisted personnel must at least be a high school graduate.

4.3 Police Officers.

  • Commissioned and non-commissioned police officers must be holders of a Bachelor’s degree.


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