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Nomination Process

Nomination Process

The program employs an open-nomination process. Nominators must be of legal age and should not be related to the nominee within the third civil degree of consanguinity (relationship by blood) or affinity (relationship by marriage). Self-nominations shall NOT be accepted nor considered.

Each nominator can only nominate one (1) nominee / entrant. Multiple nominations from a single nominator will not be given due course. Only the following individuals are considered and authorized to serve as nominators for the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos:

1. Primary Nominators

1.1 Award for Teachers

  • Presidents of Colleges / Universities
  • Chancellors of autonomous campuses
  • Campus Executive Directors / Campus Directors
  • School Administrators
  • School Heads
  • DepEd Schools with Principals: Teachers-in-Charge (TICs) / Officers-in-Charge (OICs)

1.2 Award for Soldiers

  • Commanding Officer or the Immediate Superior of the Nominee
  • Highest Ranking Commanding Officer of the Unit

1.3 Award for Police Officers

  • Chiefs of Police
  • City Directors
  • Provincial Directors
  • Regional Directors

2. Secondary Nominators

2.1 Award for Teachers

  • Regional Directors
  • Schools Division Superintendents
  • Regional / Division Level Chiefs
  • Regional / Division / District Supervisors
  • Leaders of unions related to education
  • PTCA/PTA Presidents
  • Student Council Presidents

2.2 Award for Soldiers

  • Star Rank Generals

2.3 Award for Police Officers

  • Star Rank Generals
  • PNP Command Group
  • Directors of PNP Directorates
  • Area Police Commanders
  • Directors of National Support Units (NSUs)
  • Directors of National Operational Support Units (NOSUs)

3. Multi-Sectoral Nominators (Other Authorized Nominators)

  • Government officials and leaders (elected officials, heads of agencies, and individuals holding the rank of at least a division chief)
  • Journalists / Members of the media
  • Business leaders
  • Church leaders
  • Leaders of non-government organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups or organizations (CSGs/CSOs)
  • Former Awardees of the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos (formerly SOT/TOPS/COPS)


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