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Metrobank Foundation’s 45th Anniversary Celebration

About the 45th Anniversary Celebration

This year, the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. (MBFI) celebrates its 45th founding year. MBFI was established on January 8, 1979 by the late Dr. George SK Ty, 16 years after he founded the Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank).

As the corporate social responsibility arm of the Metrobank Group, MBFI implements various programs on education, excellence recognition among key professions in the civil service, and visual arts. As a grant-giving organization, it also extends development assistance to the non-profit sector supporting HEAL (health, education, arts, and livelihood) projects that benefit the marginalized sector and underserved communities. For disaster-stricken areas, relief efforts are on top of its priority to aid the needs of survivors.

MBFI, is also the majority owner of the Manila Doctors Hospital.

To commemorate this milestone occasion, the anniversary night celebration is set on February 29, 2024 wherein luminaries from the government, non-government and socio-civic organizations, academe, international organizations, diplomatic missions, and businesses are expected to attend.

Highlights of the gathering are the conferment of the 5th Metrobank Foundation Award for Continuing Excellence and Service (ACES) to exemplary individuals from its roster of awardees and scholars as well as honoring organizational partners through the 4th Metrobank Foundation Award for Partner in Empowerment, Advocacy, and Commitment to Excellence (PEACE) recognition.


The Theme: A Heart that Serves

Work only becomes meaningful when it is done with love. This is a philosophy that largely defines our advocacies at the Metrobank Foundation. The hallmark of our civic spirit. Hearts at work symbolizes the untamable Filipino character−sincere and selfless.

We take pride in dedicating our energies to the empowerment of others, because we believe that nation-building becomes an easy task when all hearts are working together towards its fulfillment. This has been our mission since 1979 and 45 years later, we remain undeterred.


The Anniversary Logo


Heart symbolizes the untamable Filipino character-sincere and selfless. 

Waves above the heart 

The waves in vanishing shades of blue above the heart was inspired by the MBFI Logo that shows MBFI’s thrust in building a nation in a culture of Excellence.


5th Metrobank Foundation Award for Continuing Excellence and Service (ACES)

The Metrobank Foundation Award for Continuing Excellence and Service (ACES) is an award for the past awardees of the Foundation’s various recognition programs who, after being recognized for their excellence, continue to make substantive contributions to their chosen disciplines.  

The award is given to deserving past awardees of its various excellence recognition programs−Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos, Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE), and Journalists of the Year (JOY), including former education scholars who excelled in their professions. 

Embodying a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of service excellence, an ACES awardee bequeaths a legacy of impactful accomplishments that benefit their sector and the larger community.After being recognized by MBFI for their outstanding service to their respective institutions, ACES awardees continued to make substantive contributions to their field and in their immediate communities.  

Now on its 5th edition, there are 32 ACES to be recognized who were chosen based on the recognitions they received at the national and international levels, the kind of mentorship they have instilled among their peers, and the concrete impact they have left upon their respective spheres of influence and communities 

Each will be conferred with the ‘Spiral medallion’ which represents the incessant journey of every public servant: a continuous march toward greater and greater impact, progressing through phases of succession and legacy. Circling ever-upward, the Spiral conveys the message of transformation for a better nation.  

The Spiral is a work of art by Roberto Feleo, 1984 Metrobank Foundation National Painting Competition awardee. 

Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teachers

2016 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Twin Buttes Cyber Academy
Zuni, New Mexico, USA

Dr. Basa received multiple awards and recognition as a Science Teacher in the United States of America (USA), including the 2024 New Mexico Teacher of the Year Award and the 2023 New Mexico Academy of Science Outstanding Teacher Award. He is also a member of the Department of Education of New Mexico Secretary’s Teacher Advisory Council, a group of licensed, highly effective employed teacher educators who serves as a liaison between educators on the ground and policymakers shaping educational directives. He is also an adviser for Go Science, an after-school program in Twin Buttes Cyber Academy which aims to elevate student grades and foster enhanced academic performance.

2014 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Education Program Supervisor
Schools Division Office of San Jose City
Department of Education
San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

Dr. Cabrillas currently serves as the Education Program Supervision of the Schools Division Office of San Jose City. Prior to his promotion, he served as School Head in Kaliwanagan Elementary school from 2014 to 2022 where he helped in establishing Kaliwanagan High School, a community high school in Nueva Ecija. He was instrumental in providing technical assistance to teacher-researchers of the Schools Division Office of Nueva Ecija in the realization of Project GRAPES (Guiding Researchers Achieve Potentials and Enhance Skills), an institutionalized research development strategy implemented from 2021 to 2023 that encouraged local school teachers to submit and implement research proposals.


2004 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Science Education Specialist V and Chair
High School Mathematics Academics Group
National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development
University of the Philippines Diliman
Diliman, Quezon City

Dr. Canonigo is a recipient of multiple awards from the University of the Philippines for his publications and dissertations, including the 2023 International Publication Award, 2021 Most Outstanding Dissertation, and 2016 International Publication Award. Most of his contributions to the academe are related to the improvement of the teaching and learning process for Mathematics.


2016 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Professor Emeritus
Institute of Biology
University of the Philippines Diliman
Diliman, Quezon City

Dr Cao was appointed as Professor Emeritus after her official retirement in August 2023, which allowed her to continue mentoring teachers and students. Her contribution to service is all related to biology, specifically microbiology and agriculture. As a biosafety expert and advisor in the Department of Agriculture, she gives science-based advice and provides farmers new methods and technology on agriculture.



2015 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Professor 5
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Santo Tomas
España Boulevard, Manila

Dr. Dela Cruz is a recipient of various local and international awards and scholarships abroad. In 2016, he was promoted to Professor 5, the highest academic rank in the university. He remains to be an active scientist, a productive researcher, an innovative educator and a dynamic mentor to Thomasian students. Currently, he is a country representative of the Asian Mycological Association and the science representative of the Teacher Education Council of the Department of Education. He is a speaker and workshop facilitator on science education, specifically on microbiology, locally and internationally.

2015 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Education Program Supervisor
DepEd Regional Office VIII
Department of Education
Palo, Leyte

Dr. Fernandez has been a recipient of various awards and recognitions, notable of which include the 2021 Palo Quincentennial Meritorious Service Award in the Field of Education. He was also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow and Trainer from 2017 to 2018, and was a proponent of different projects and research on Senior High School – Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track, Project-Based Learning, and Information and Communications Technology. Aside from his contributions to service, he is also a team leader of the Volunteer Community of Teachers where they regularly conduct outreach programs for young people in Leyte Province.

2008 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Community Partnership and Extension Office
Philippine Normal University
Ermita, Manila

Dr. Hibanada was a Fulbright International Leaders in Education Program Fellow in 2010. She is also a speaker, facilitator, and subject-matter expert in various topics on education, including global citizenship, education for sustainable development, character education, pedagogical content knowledge, and teacher leadership. She is the project lead of Sa ‘Pinas, Ikaw ang Ma’am/Sir (SPIMS) Online Refresher Course (ORC) to the Reintegrated Overseas Filipino Worker-Professional Teachers from 2020-2023. From 2020 to 2023, 603 OFW finished the online refresher course, which helped them go back and teach again in schools.

2007 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Principal IV
Burauen Comprehensive National High School
Burauen, Leyte

Ms. Lamiseria received multiple awards as a school head. She won the 2011 Innovative Teachers Leadership Award (ITLA) during the 7th Regional Innovative Education Forum held in Phuket, Thailand for her project “Tendencies for a Cause.” She also spearheaded projects for the elderly and for the inmates in their community such as Project BULIG (Building Unending Love and Inspiration for Guardians). From 2019 to 2022, she and her teachers implemented outreach activities that addressed the needs of the elderly in Cabacungan, Negros Occidental.


2009 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Education Program Supervisor
Schools Division Office of Calbayog City
Department of Education
Calbayog City, Samar

Dr. Matan is Hall of Fame Awardee for Most Outstanding Principal. She received multiple recognition as Education Program Supervisor of the Schools Division Office of Calbayog City. She also produced numerous instructional materials in various languages, including the use of the mother tongue, Filipino, and literacy. She also engaged the husbands of the teachers in her school through the HOUSE (Husband Organizational Understanding and Support to their Espouses) Project where they served as carpenters in schools, providing support during sports activities and other school activities for a meager pay.

2015 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Department of Guidance and Values Formation
West Visayas State University
Iloilo City, Iloilo

Dr. Palmos received multiple recognitions from the Local Government of Miag-ao and West Visayas State University. In 2021, he received a Fellowship Grant on Teaching Human Rights/Peace from the ASEAN University Network – Human Rights Education. He also has multiple research, innovations, exhibits, and instructional materials on peace education.



2003 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Assistant Director
Bureau of Curriculum Development
Department of Education
Pasig City

Dr. Soliven rose among the ranks from a School Principal in 2009 to Director III of the Bureau of Curriculum Development of the Department of Education in 2018. He is a policy development writer and has contributed toward the institutionalization of various policies and orders on education. He also served as the lead researcher and writer of the K to 12 Program Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Report.



2016 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Professor VI and Director
Institute for Peace and Development
Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology
Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Dr. Torres was a recipient of Gawad sa Kaunlaran, the second highest distinction presented by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to government officials and civilian. In 2018, he was also recognized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines as one of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM). Dr. Torres also has multiple projects that promote peace and the peace-building process.


2012 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Teacher

Program Coordinator for Mathematics Education
School of Science and Engineering
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Dr. Vistro-Yu is the author of the prototype syllabus for Mathematics in the Modern World (MMW) which provided students with a broader range of skills in understanding the various dimensions of mathematics deemed to be essential in developing intellectual, technical, ethical, and practical competencies of individuals. She also developed curriculum for the PhD program in Mathematics Education (PhD Math Ed) of the School of Science and Engineering at the Ateneo de Manila University. She is among the go-to resource persons and oral presenters on mathematics education in various local and international conferences.



Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Soldiers

2016 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Soldier

Deputy Brigade Commander, 3rd Marine Brigade 
Philippine Marine Corps
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Colonel Manalang is a two-time recipient of the Distinguished Service Star, the third highest military award of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), as well as other notable commendations and accolades across his career thus far. He has held key leadership positions concerning counterterrorism and military diplomatic affairs under the AFP’s Intelligence Service and served as the Philippine Defense and Armed Forces Attaché (PhilDAFA) to Pakistan for three (3) years.



(1999 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Soldier)

Vice President for Administration 
Veterans Federation of the Philippines
Ermita, Manila

Retired Brigadier General Sinajon has had a stellar military career, holding key positions and assignments both in the field and with the top brass of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He was a four-time recipient of the Distinguished Service Star and the Gold Cross Medal. Beyond retirement, he has dedicated his time and efforts through leadership roles with the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, as well as serving as the Chairman for the Administration and Logistics Committee of the Veterans Confederation of ASEAN Countries (VECONAC) Working Committee recently.




Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officers

2018 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer

Municipal Community Affairs Development Police Non-Commissioned Officer
Malita Municipal Police Station
Philippine National Police
Malita, Davao Occidental

Police Senior Master Sergeant Awitin works with Communist Terrorists Group (CTG) -infiltrated communities in the hinterlands of Malita in Davao Occidental by bringing government services to the people, as well as making education more accessible (e.g. alternative learning education for rebel returnees, building mini-library and day care centers, etc.). In 2021, she was named as one of the Ten (10) Outstanding Policewomen in the Philippines.


2011 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer

Chief for Police Community Relations
Criminal Investigation and Detection Group
Police Regional Office IV-A
Philippine National Police
Calamba City, Laguna

Police Major dela Cruz was the first female provincial officer of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG). She now holds three (3) positions in concurrent capacity – [a] Chief of the Administration, [b] Chief of Operations, and [c] Chief of Police Community Relations at CIDG, Police Regional Office IV-A. In 2015, she served as the only female Philippine National Police personnel to have been appointed to the fact-finding team for the 2015 Mamasapano incident. In 2012, she was chosen as one of the 100 Amazing Filipinas.

2017 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer

Former Regional Director
Police Regional Office IV-B (MIMAROPA)
Philippine National Police
Calapan, Oriental Mindoro

Retired Police Brigadier General Doria has already held nine (9) leadership positions within the Philippine National Police (PNP) since he was awarded in 2017. During those years, he exhibited outstanding leadership and implementation capability. He last served as the Regional Director of Police Regional Office IV-B (MIMAROPA) where he had a crime clearance efficiency of 98.41%, declaring the region as one of the safest spots in the country. As the former director of PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group, he also led a successful campaign against e-sabong, coupled with the deletion and deactivation of 57 websites and blocking of 120 others.

2013 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer

The Director for Police Community Relations
Philippine National Police
Camp Crame, Quezon City

Since he joined the Philippine National Police (PNP), Police Major General Okubo has steadfastly emphasized the need for community-based initiatives to counter insurgency throughout his assignments. Owing to the overwhelming success of his brainchild, the ‘Revitalized Pulis sa Barangay (R-PSB)’, a program geared towards providing support to communities to prevent the resurgence of insurgency, safeguard unaffected communities, and facilitate the provision of basic government services in conflict-affected areas, it has been adopted by the PNP as one of its major thrusts and is now being implemented widely across the country, focusing on regions heavily impacted by insurgency.


2017 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer

Deputy Chief
Bansalan Municipal Station
Philippine National Police
Davao City, Davao del Sur

Police Captain Pansoy has adopted a pay-it-forward attitude after winning the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer Award in 2017. She has since strived to empower communities as a team leader of the Revitalized Pulis sa Barangay (R-PSB) program in geographical isolated and deprived areas (GIDAs) in Davao del Sur, bringing livelihood trainings and projects to the community, as well as implementing quick-impact infrastructure projects that address the needs of the community.


2008 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer

Logistics and Management Section
Police Security and Protection Group
Philippine National Police
Camp Crame, Quezon City

Police Major Reyes was responsible for the implementation of the ‘1 Pulis, 1 Lapis’ Program which aimed to support the education of underprivileged children by way of providing them with writing materials. This has been replicated by different police stations nationwide. She has also championed transparency in the procurement service of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and has since spearheaded the efforts to enhance accountability and efficient management of PNP’s properties.


2016 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino Police Officer

Chief of Regional Staff
Police Regional Office Bangsamoro Autonomous Region
Philippine National Police
Parang, Maguindanao

Police Colonel Siason has instituted the habit of excellence in all his assignments, prompting back-to-back awards as Best Provincial Unit for the South Cotabato Provincial Office in 2020 and 2021, arrests of high-profile terrorists in the region, and effective campaign against illegal drugs. In his current assignment, he has spearheaded various community outreaches in the different municipalities in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.





Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awardees

2003 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awardee

Visual Artist and Director – Founder 
Project Space Pilipinas
Tayabas, Quezon

Leslie has shown consistency and excellence in his artistic practice, career development, and impact in the community through local and international engagements. He is a recognized leader in the community through and founded Project Space Pilipinas, providing a platform for artists to create and the audience to appreciate.



2012 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awardee

Creative Director 
Chromez Industrial Design Services
Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental

Christopher has been very successful in his career in design and has focused on providing platforms for sustainable artistic production for members of the cultural community. He is an advocate of Philippine design in international platforms.




1989 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awardee

Book Designer, Artist, and Proprietor 
Upper Room Studio Art, Design, Editorial Services
Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Felix has a stellar career in visual arts, both in painting and book design. He is an icon in the design publication industry and a former member of the academe.




2010 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awardee

Chief Creative Director 
Heidrun Milan Design Studio
Tacloban City, Leyte

Heidrun has showed consistent excellence in the aspects of design practice and impact in the community through supporting sustainable design and disaster risk reduction management within the design practice.







Metrobank Foundation Journalists of the Year

2013 Metrobank Foundation Journalist of the Year Awardee

News Anchor 
TV5 News and Current Affairs
Mandaluyong City

Jiggy received numerous awards after being named as Metrobank Foundation Journalist of the Year in 2013. He established the Jiggy Manicad TV Lectures and conducted TV workshops and media training nationwide for free, including the Jiggy Manicad Learning Foundation Bags and School Supplies Project. Inspired by his TV show ‘Agripreneur’ via GMA7, he was able to develop a new advocacy to help the country achieve food security through SARI.



2015 Metrobank Foundation Journalist of the Year Awardee

Editorial Consultant 
GMA Network, Inc.
Diliman, Quezon City

Howie received numerous awards after being named as Metrobank Foundation Journalist of the Year in 2015. He has a steady production of long-form documentaries. During the pandemic, he began an award-winning podcast called ‘The Howie Severino Podcast’, leading insightful conversations with leading intellects. He has been a consistent speaker in various media training to combat disinformation. He is an advocate and teacher of ‘baybayin’ (pre-colonial scripts).



2015 Metrobank Foundation Journalist of the Year Awardee

Rappler, Inc.
Pasig City

Marites received the ‘Best Book in Journalism’ for her ‘Rock Solid’ book by the National Book Development Board and Manila Critics Circle in 2019. She served as resource speaker in various local and international conferences and fellowships.







Metrobank Foundation Scholars

2004 Metrobank Foundation Scholar

Head Clinician and Executive Director 
The Care and Compassion Hub
Quezon City

Chelle is a registered guidance counselor and mental health professional who was born legally blind. Despite her condition, she continued to excel academically and professionally. She is very passionate to serve and committed to help the Filipinos cope with life’s challenges thru her work as clinical counselor and executive director of The Care and Compassion Hub. Many lives have been saved by their program ‘Stop Suicide Campaign’, especially during the pandemic. Several notable projects have also been accomplished by their alumni association, the Alumni Scholars for Service, Excellence and Transformation (ASSET) during her time as president from 2018 up to present.


2001 Metrobank Foundation Scholar

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
MobileOptima Inc.
Pasig City

Rio is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tarkie, one of the largest and most comprehensive field and remote work automation solutions in the Philippines today.  Launched in 2015, Tarkie aims to help companies in the Philippines revolutionize the way they do business through secure, easy-to-use, and affordable digital transformation solutions. Currently, her app supports over 100 local companies and is being used by over 10,000 employees nationwide. With the three (3) companies she helped establish, they continue to provide livelihood to over 200 employees.


2004 Metrobank Foundation Scholar

Research Coordinator
Research and Development Center
John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc.
Iloilo City, Iloilo

Brian completed his masters and doctorate degrees in science education through various scholarship grants he received from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). He has presented research in local and international conferences and has published 35 scientific research in various refereed journals. He led the enhancement of research skills of faculty members and students and has since initiated the application for copyright of 20 faculty researches. As research coordinator, he increased the number of research grants and publications of the school in refereed journals globally. He was given over 70 awards from local and international research competitions, including fellowship awards.




4th Partner in Empowerment, Advocacy and Commitment to Excellence (PEACE)

Metrobank Foundation bestows the Partner in Empowerment, Advocacy, and Commitment to Excellence (PEACE) recognition to institutions from the academe, business, non-government and socio-civic organizations, national government agencies, media, and diplomatic missions. The award is done every five years to recognize partners that have exhibited strong working relationships with MBFI in the mission of enriching the lives of the most vulnerable and underserved sectors in Philippine society.   

Kapit-Bisig is inspired by the age-old spirit of bayanihan featuring a community of stakeholders and institutional partners working in the spirit of cooperative effort to achieve a common goal.  

The interweaving loops of brass represent the collective power in pursuit of nation-building, destined to last and prosper in the years to come. 

Kapit-Bisig is designed by 2011 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE) Grand Prize Awardee for Sculpture Ar. Jonathan V. Dangue.   

In addition to the sectors mentioned above, the 2024 PEACE Committee recommended a special sector dubbed as ‘Partners during the COVID-19 Pandemic’, to be included. This category recognizes special partners of MBFI/GTFI during the challenging years of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  


The honorees are:

  National Government Agencies

  1. Department of Education (DepEd)
  2. Philippine National Police (PNP)
  3. Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)
  4. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
  5. Philippine Postal Corporation

    Non-Government and Socio-Civic Organizations

  6. Got Heart Foundation, Inc.
  7. Artletics, Inc.
  8. BAYO Foundation, Inc.
  9. International Care Ministries
  10. Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators (NOTED), Inc.
  11. BINHI English Literacy Foundation, Inc.
  12. Food for the Hungry, Inc. Branch Office
  13. Philippine Business for Education (PBED)
  14. World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.
  15. Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc.


  17. Manila Tytana Colleges


  18. City Savings Bank, Inc.
  19. China Bank Savings
  20. BDO Network Bank/BDO Foundation
  21. PLDT-Smart Foundation, Inc.
  22. Globe Telecom
  23. Manila Doctors Hospital


  24. GMA Network, Inc.
  25. DWIZ (Aliw Broadcasting Corp.)
  26. The Manila Times

    Special Intervention/COVID-19 Intervention Partners

  27. Ronald McDonald House Charities Philippines
  28. DZRH (Manila Broadcasting Co.)
  29. Manila Water Foundation
  30. Ateneo de Davao University





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